Friday, August 24, 2012

Au Revoir Bretagne, One More Short Stop

 My favorite handstand photo in front of one of the nearby Wind Mills! I'm still about 200-300 ft away from the base, it is just that big!

 I made it back to the Atlantic Ocean one more time!!! Plus, exactly one week from the last time I jumped in, I plan to jump in all of the way on the other side in Good 'Ole New Jersey. Jump in with me? :)

One of my new favorite towns ever: Pont Aven. Full of cute little boutiques and galleries. Apparently either Van Gogh or Gauguin lived here: I heard both names being thrown around.

Thanks to some new friends here in Brittany, I had an amazing trip. I got to the English channel, twice to the Atlantic Ocean, and some local digs. I learned a lot a lot about the local food system and how it works- my time in Brittany ended up being extremely relevant to my research, but also just a great time.

Somehow it only rained today (my last day here) and its cleared up a bit this evening! Considering it rains here about 99% of the time...I'd say I am extremely lucky. I was able to speak a lot of French with some patient people here, learn about pig farming and pig butchering (I'd include stories, but they can be a little gross), and explore the nearby area both by bike and foot. I found some great forts near babbling brooks, abandoned bridges, and secret apple orchards. I'd love to come back here some day and reconnect with all of the people in Guiscriff and continue to explore!

I promise he lived a very very happy life in straw. Later I enjoyed Pate de la Tete. I wish I was kidding. Never had so many pork products in my life!

Tomorrow I have another long travel day to the outskirts of Paris, Wesssttt sidddeeeee. I'll be staying with  a CSA-like farmer who grows vegetables all day Sunday and Monday. On Tuesday I start my long adventure back to the States! Let the last adventure begin and cheers to all of the amazing people I get to see in only a few days! Thanks for reading about my trip!


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