Tuesday, August 28, 2012

See you Later France

Normal people would probably just say Au Revoir, Goodbye, Adios to their home country for the past 7 weeks...but I choose to say A bientot, because in fact, I really to hope to see France again.

I've been really lucky to have such an incredible trip, meet genuine and welcoming people, and learn firsthand all about the French food system throughout her different regions.

For the past couple of days, I've been about 45 miles Northwest of Paris in one of the few if not only organic CSA's in Ile de France. The trip to Goussonville is perhaps even more interesting for stories than the actual stay itself. I finally got to meet the man who introduced me to many of the people I stayed with and an incredible person, author, and sustainable developer over lunch in a charming Brittany city called Vannes. On the train ride from Vannes to Paris, there were not enough seats, so I was basically stuck somewhere between all of the vacationers' luggage right near the exit. Which means, every time I was getting comfortable and about to nap, we'd reach a train station and I had to lug everyone's suitcases out of the entrance, including my own and myself. All you can do is laugh in a situation like that.

In Goussonville I was able to tour not only Benjamin's CSA, but also a nearby conventional potato farm. I worked for about an hour in the fields with the potato farm, and in that time we probably processed about 4 tons of potatoes- I am seriously not joking at all!! It was fascinating to compare this experience with my potato-picking experience in Toulouse, and it got my thinking all about efficiencies versus ideals. If I flush out these ideas more and my opinions, I will be sure to share with anyone interested!

I'm safe in my hotel room-somehow- after a nice lunch with a lady I met in Brittany (small world) and jumping on random buses to get to my hotel since the trains I needed were all stopped for an unknown reason. But I made it, I'm all clean, packed, excited to head home- perhaps less excited about waking up at 5am. No worries ladies and gentlemen, you will probably still be up in the East Coast when I wake up.

It has been an incredible journey, but I'm ready to be back in Michigan. I think it will be a good change of pace to be surrounded by friends and native English speakers.

On a more personal note- well I guess this whole blog is personal! I entered this contest about making good food more accessible and submitted an idea about Milk Vending Machines in Ann Arbor.

If I get the most votes, I get a tour of the Food Network, lunch with the associates, and a chance to win $1000 for this project.

PLEASE PLEASE VOTE  :) Tell all of your friends to vote too!


Goodnight as I say Good Morning!



  1. Safe travels my dear Laureli! As I read this I expect you will be getting up in two hours to meet me at the airport tomorrow! Time travel is fun, huh? You have been giving me good things to think about Lauren...As always I am living vicariously thorough you!! I love you and can't wait to hug you! XO MOM

  2. Wait? Back in Michigan or back in the good ole USA?