Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Name is...whattt???

My name is Lauren, as all or 99.9% of people reading this blog should know. It has the classic flat American sound to it that I love. But, in an attempt to assimilate, or really just make my name easier for Frenchies, I've adopted the French sounding "Lauren", same pronunciation as Ralph Lauren.

What's your name, they ask...
Why Lauren, I sing back, with my best French accent.
(note this entire conversation is in French. DUH!)

That is when I am met with the twisted and confused face, every single time without fail. NO exaggeration. It is like I just said dkhdkrmeq;x, or spoke chinese, but no, all I said was Lauren. It really took me off guard the first time this happened because it is as if they never even tried to understand what I was saying. Maybe we Americans are more used to strange and foreign sounding names, but even a nice smile and nod would have left me happy and fulfilled with my attempts at seeming French.

Instead, I've learned to respond to this mangled, twisted, it looks like I swallowed ten lemons face, with this response...

"Comme la quiche"

Though the Quiche Lorraine is spelled differently, its exactly the pronunciation I'm looking for, and apparently its popular in every French region. They then repeat my name,sounding exactly like I first tried to say, and I roll my eyes at this entire situation. I have now been reduced to the status of the quiche. I think I'll just use my real name next time and see what happens.

What else has been happening in Toulouse you say???
       Well, I woke up yesterday and I could barely move my back, so for the past two days I've been a gimpy 80 year old inside of a 21(that's right) year old body. But, its getting much much better. I adventured off through picturesque French Villes for a few hours on my bike a few days ago and decided that is really the only way to travel. I finished the wall!!! (it might have something to do with the back). I've observed the French in their local swimming pool and well, let us just say that men should put some shorts over the spandex.  I've wandered around a few markets and I plan to wander around a few more.

Also, how could I forget!!! I started a French faction that lovveeesss the Beriont cinnamon Bread. It was nice to have a slice of home here in France.

I'll be here until Friday then I head off to Northwest France, Brittany. I hear its beautiful, but cross your fingers that it doesn't rain and stay 60 degrees the entire time?! I'll be sad to leave my adopted family who speaks perfect English, but I've always wanted to see Brittany. Folks, I will really try my best to get into the Atlantic Ocean too!

Hope all is well wherever you are!

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