Monday, August 20, 2012

There and Back Again

I feel super fortunate to be in Brittany here with such welcoming and down-to-earth people surrounded by gorgeous views and country.

My French is definitely improving, mostly by necessity, but almost all days are a new surprise. Yesterday I woke up and Pierre(my host)'s mom stopped by and invited me to go somewhere with her and her husband. Sure, having no other plans, I'll definitely come I said. I thought we were going for a short walk to a summit somewhere you might be able to see the ocean. Instead the most awesome and perfect Sunday took place....

1- Driving for a while and we stop at a quaint little village for crepes, cider and ice cream

2- Continue for a while in the car and we stop at the highest point in Brittany, best panorama of the country (perfect handstand location), and it looked just like Scotland!

3-Continue even more and end up at La Manche (body of water) and a town called Roskoff (silent f) at an onion festival with great music, cool stands, and we drank coca cola together on the water. 
4-Drive ten minutes and end up at the beach, we swim and explore the rocks for the afternoon. Turns out that "La Manche" is The English Channel- SO COOL!!! It was a great day and I still can't believe I ended up swimming in The English Channel :)

5- Enjoyed a very fun dinner and drinks with some of the local farmers in the area, though no food was served until 11:30pm---what??

Today I spent the whole morning and early afternoon working in the barn grinding flour and feed for the pigs. I was also doing a bit of dancing since nobody was around. The lady whose house we had dinner with last night invited me to go to the beach with her today, so I quickly tried to sort out how to make it work...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I made it into my Atlantic Ocean, all the way over here in France!!! I couldn't be happier and WOW, it could not have been any prettier. It had a sort of Maine or Cape Cod feel to it, but just absolutely gorgeous and not too cold. So I'd say my first three days here have been a success...hands down. There is no way the rest of this week is going to top the last three days, but I'm okay with just simply enjoying my time and getting to know the area better.

I'll keep you posted!!!

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  1. Dinner at 11:30, I thought farmers had to get up early! I wonder what time lunch is?? I am so happy you are having this wonderful experience!! These pictures are so good Laureli!! I love Brittany through your eyes! :) MOM