Thursday, August 2, 2012

Then Somehow I Ended Up in The Alpes...


Sorry I haven't written in so long! It is a mix of poor internet, a shared computer here, a french keyboard, and no time. Excuse any mistakes, this post took about an hour to write because the French decided to confuse me and move around all of their keyboard letters, I'm onto you french, i'm onto you!

My last day in Beaujolais was great and my hosts sent me off with a bottle of their wine, a watercolor painting they drew of their vines, and some great french advice lost in translation.

After three train rides and a bus ride through moutains, I ended up in the beautiful Ardeche! There will be pictures to come at a later time, do not fret, i took plenty :) It reminds me a bit of Wyoming or Montana here, just raw wilderness with not many people around.

Though I have learned some about beekeeping, I have learned more about eating honey, jumping off cliffs into water, canonying, and navigating the french alpes.

I spent a whole long day with the boys club learning to be a lumberjack at a sustainable forest. Ironically and accidently I wore my <<we speak for the trees>> shirt the entire day...Oops. The old french men and I had a good laugh about that at coffe break (nobody understands why I don't drink coffee!)

I jumped in a beautiful swimming hole this afternoon and got to REALLY experience the culture here by seeing a brother and sister about my parent's age hanging out in the nude. I was all for embracing this lifestyle had the two girls my age not been wearing bathing suits.

Tonight I head to a lunar party, I have no idea what it means except that I baked all yesterday morning, rather measured out ingredients and watched others bake! I think people here think I can't do stuff like that, but o well, I get to enjoy eating all of the delicious creations! I'll tell you all about the party on my next blog, but I encourage EVERYONE to celebrate the full moon with me tonight, regardless of the time difference!

Hope all is well, I will keep you updated with my adventures WITH pictures!


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  1. Aren't all forests sustainable? Ha! I love reading your blogs and I am glad you are back on...we missed seeing/reading you. PS We understand why you do not drink coffee...don't start!!! Ha you do not need it! You have so much energy we wish we could harvest some for ourselves!I danced in the full moon just for you...we took Paige to the Hud house with Grandma and Aunt Daryl and Aunt Arleen...too funny! We can't wait to bring you next year!!Keep the image of Grandma playing shuffleboard at the Hud house!! That should hold you till you arrive back in the USA! Miss you big time! Mom