Sunday, July 29, 2012


I thought Bordeaux was beautiful and then out comes Beaujolais! Absolutely breathtaking, maybe the prettiest place I have ever seen in my life.

It has been a great few days with some truly kind and compassionate people, I think of them sort of like an aunt and uncle. Francois is always telling me awesome history facts about the area and Marie-Therese really tries to figure out places to take me for my project (they don't speak ANY English). Though the language barrier has been tough, I've learned a lot and I really love Beaujolais.

It will be sad to leave tomorrow morning but nice to settle in Valence for about a week with someone who wants to practice their English!

I've seen art fairs, food markets, artisan markets, and little festivals. I think I met all of their family members and continued to eat more food than I could ever imagine! Gosh the French eat A LOT for lunch, but barely nothing for strange!
Cute Village Street...No cars=AWESOME

I think I'll have a bread and cheese addiction by the time I leave!
 Lyon from up high
 Lyon from down low

 Seriosuly...Emma and Riley, I've been waiting for you for hours!!!

 Couldn't ask for a better view from my window
 I think I'll start making a blog of just handstands in really scenic places!

Things were getting too normal for me....

Instead of cheers, here we say "Sante"(with an accent) which means "To Your Health"

So for all readers, I toast everyone's good health and Happiness



  1. I am so happy for you and want to be YOU! Enjoy and stay safe! Check out the real estate prices as you travel. I want to know! MOM XO

  2. Oh and I want a copy of that picture of you on the mountain! Awesome! Sante! Mom XO