Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Comeback of the Radio Star

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, somebody understood me yesterday!

They asked me back to speak on the radio this morning, and I couldn't dare say no to all of my new fans here in Nimes. Gosh, pushing through all of the paparazzi on my way in was almost impossible.

Theme of the day: Sardines

After spending the night practicing how to talk about the collapse of the sardine fishery in California in 1982 as a plausible reason why many people don't eat sardines in America. Which would then be a lead-in to a rehearsed speech about biodiversity and over-fishing and how we need to be good stewards of Earth. Which would then be a lead in to the many people in America who do care about our food system and the regions that are fighting for a more durable food system.

Well folks, this is what came out instead. All French people now think....

-Eating Sardines is a sexist activity: only men eat sardines in America, women do not dare touch them.

-We're a bunch of fat pigs rolling around in too much meat and french fries. Restaurants don't serve vegetables

-No American cares about food quality, only quantity

-Americans have never seen farmers markets

-Somehow we all still manage to keep up little gardens in our backyard

Talk about twisting my words! Or me perhaps not being able to get them out right. I apologize for personally contributing to the negative reputation of Americans. Though there are truths to much of what I said, its a little blown out of proportion, its complicated enough to explain in English!

But hey, I'm still a radio star ;)

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