Monday, July 23, 2012

Au Revoir Chateau Brandeau


Tonight was my last night at Chateau Brandeau and now I bid it adieu. It commenced with a great young Scottish family arriving for the next two week. They've know Andrea and Fearn for almost 20 years now... In fact, the couple met here during their time at Brandeau when they were even younger than me! The story gets a bit more complicated and juicy than that, so I'll share it another time. They brought their two adorable well-behaved young kids, both with great Scottish accents. I felt like I really was at the Beriont Bash running around with all of the small cousins!

Aside from long work hours and learning more about owning a vineyard, these last few days were filled with fun adventures.

Watching Fearn play Sax at his concert. Never thought I'd see someone so uncomfortable in a church. Church is basically the same as in America, same order, etc. BUT, France has more singing and is definitely in a different language. They were a little off key and off beat because most of them were slightly deaf, but BRAVO for the effort!

A New Orleans Jazz Band, singing "O When the Saints Come Marching In" in English! They led the procession of "Brotherhoods". Yup, just as culty and strange as it sounds, most brotherhoods were tied to some food or hobby. my favorite was the Chestnut Brotherhood of Libourne. Though the micrology mushroom brotherhood was equally amusing. They all dressed in Medieval garb and marched the streets for a bit. I walked by them later in the festival when they were all singing songs drunkenly and happily. Though, there is something to say about the power of groups in the food world, new ideas!

No No, they all took this quite seriously, I dare say!

My first self-timed handstand on its first try.

Well, what would a Lauren Beriont trip be like without a scenic picture of me doing a handstand. Turns out self-timers work much better than I presumed! Right before this photo was taken, I happened upon a great big white leather sofa sitting next to a "pond", or what I might call a large puddle. It was really comfortable and peaceful, so I sat for a while reading. I felt a little bit like I was in a Beatles music video or something. It felt so off surrounded by the vineyard but then so right and fitting at the same time.

I head off to Nimes for a few days, then Beaujolais, then Valence. I'm not sure what my internet situation will be over the next few days, so I will post when I can! Enjoy your days!! Stay Safe!


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