Thursday, July 12, 2012

Welcome to Iceland!

Welcome to Iceland!

Landed safely in Iceland and WOW let me tell you, what an approach. It is a shame I’ll only be here for one hour because it looks beautiful. It is near midnight local time and the sun is JUST setting…can you believe that. I took a look out of my window seat as we were landing and all I could see was the vast beautiful water and these gigantic mountains as the silhouette to the sunset. I’m not sure it will ever get dark here. I plan to come back sometime in the future and take a step out of the airport to climb those amazing mountains that seem to randomly jut out of an endless ocean. I’ll make sure I come in the summer though, I couldn’t bear entire days of darkness.

The people here look really friendly and outdoorsy, but America and Iceland have two things in common: Short-tempered customs agents. I guess I’ll have to start getting used to people frustrated when I misunderstand them. I’m surrounded  by French speaking people now and the only thing I can tell you is that they speak FAST! Now I get why all of my friends and family tell me to speak slower in English. I’ve just got to accept that I am an American tourist who really doesn’t know much about the country yet and try not to get caught up in my pride, it’s a good lesson.

Everything is closed at the airport, which is expected since it is just about midnight now. Funny how the sun is setting at home right now too, even with the four hour time difference!! Strangely though, everyone is eating food…where did they get it from?! It’s dinner time for me! Looks like that cliff bar I snuck in my bag will be put to some use. This probably won’t be posted until I get to France, especially because I don’t have internet access right now. So, when you read this I will already be safe in Paris at some internet café or those apartment I’m staying at. I’ll also probably be napping because it will be 6am their time, midnight “my” time.

Here is to 7 weeks adventuring alone throughout France and trying to understand the French food system. It will take a large stomach, a chin-up (not the exercise kind, but maybe that in the long run for the farming), intuition, making friends, and lots of conversation. It sounds crazy now that it is just beginning, but I think it will be great.

Ps. There are scooters here you can ride around…what?! Coolest airport ever!

Pps. An i-phone with 3G would’ve come in handy right now, it says the wifi costs 750 IS, which means nothing to me but the number scares me!

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