Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Good Afternoon or Good Morning...Depending on where you are in this world!

I have made it Safely to Nimes, a city on the south coast of France near Avignon and Montpellier.  I'm staying with a couple who is opening an organic restaurant on no other day then AUGUST 8th (my birthday)!. But, I won't be here for that, this is actually just a quick trip and I head out early Friday morning for Beaujolais!

The couple here has taken me as one of their own and they keep offering me ice cream and coffee, etc. I think this is the most well fed I will ever be and ever need to be.

Nimes Roman Arena

For lunch today we started with a pate, bread, and a light tomato quinoa appetizer. Then the chef brought out chicken and a potato au gratin type thing. By now I was stuffed and being polite by eating everything. Then there was a zucchini salad, after that cheese, and then grapes, and melon, and wine. Phew, I started getting really sleepy from all of the food and quick French speakers that I could not understand, so I excused myself and accidentally fell asleep for a little bit. Naps are nice :)

Last night I celebrated the couple's 30th Anniversary with them and their daughter at a seaside town on the Mediterranean. It reminded me a little bit of the Jersey Shore: boats, rides, little stores, restaurants heckling for you to eat with them. Plus, I got to touch the Mediterranean and it reminded me of how much I miss swimming. I don't think I'll have a chance to visit it again here, but c'est la vie.

There was this STRANGE shop that gave fish pedicures. You stick your feet in a pool of little fish and they eat of your dead skin or something- it was so strange yet equally mesmerizing.

This morning I woke up to a breakfast fit for a princess- as I said, I'm living above an organic restaurant so they definitely feed me well. How can you politely only eat a quarter of what they serve though...haha, it will only be until Friday morning so I shouldn't worry!

Funny story....I'm a new celebrity here in Nimes (not really). I went with Yves (chef/owner of restaurant) to see him speak on the radio about organic food, just to watch. However, when I got there....they decided to interview me too! I spoke for quite a long time, they kept asking me questions, I think I answered some of them completely wrong, and I'm also pretty sure I sounded like a confused 6 year old. Yet, they asked for me to come back and say a line in English like " All you English peeps out there, Eat Organic!" I don't know, my French is definitely improving by force, but its hard to be surrounded by native French speakers, really exhausting to try to keep up!

I sort of disappeared from lunch with a nap, so I'm going to go investigate what is going on downstairs. Hope everyone is happy and healthy!


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