Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yabbying, Lorries and Other New Words Added to my Vocabulary

Greetings Blog Readers, wherever you may be!

We've been busy doing quite a bit of work, and early mornings these past few days, but hooray its Saturday! We get the weekend off, and its nice to relax and enjoy the area of Brandeau. I'm quite tired too, so catching up on sleep will be nice for a change :)

The levage and re-levage is complete! Phew, who knew when that would happen. After work yesterday, Nadja and I ventured off to Fearn's mother's house to catch crawfish, or Yabbies as my Australian friend calls them. "Yabbying" is quite like crabbing in America, plus a few janky nets minus the large clean water, plus a dirty looking pond. Its quite a lot of work, for some delicious but not high volume shellfish. It was nice to taste a bit of home though and talk with Fox. Apparently, her granparents grew up in New Jersey...right in the Highlands. It is crazy the connections you can find even out here in France.

Fearn showed us this song by Elvis Presley. Imagine me singing it while yabbying, o yes, just as out of pitch as this...

This morning I got to head out to a wonderful market in a nearby town. It was quite large, quite diverse, and a perfect spot for research. I even got in a few interviews and talked at lengths with Fearn about the wine industry and being a small organic vineyard. Gosh, its a tough job. Not just physically, but financially, and particularly risky in this economy. It is one of the reasons I'm learning about food here.

I guess one thing is becoming clear here on the research side and that is the government's role in food systems and artisan products hinders more than helps both the consumer and the producer. Something else to sort out.

The cheese here has been great, the rumors don't lie about that! On the way back from the market, Andrea and I stopped at her friend's dairy farm/cheese shop and it was really great to hear the cows mooing in the background as you're being rung up.
 Market at Sainte Foy La Grande

The Beriont Bash is this weekend, tomorrow in fact, and I'll be missing you all lots. I'm sorry I am missing this for the second year in a row :( Thinking of it, lobster, family drinking too much, skits, t-shirts and drama makes me miss it all very much. I really need to make an effort not to head out somewhere far this weekend next year. I guess I'm also expected to have a really, really good skit to make up for two years lost time...Hmmmm

Nadja is gone now so its just me Fearn, and Andrea for the next few days. I have tomorrow off again, then one more day of work in the fields. I head to Nimes early Tuesday morning and arrive in the late afternoon. Unfortunately, traveling my train is not always the most convenient. I'll miss Brandeau, the people, the wine, the vines, the view, the native English speakers. I think it was a great first place to jumpstart my trip, but I am genuinely excited to see more of France, try new things, meet new people, and learn more for my project.

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