Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chateau Bordeaux


The last two days we've been up at 5:30 am :/ and its still dark! The one bonus is seeing the sunrise over the vines, but boy is it cold at that time in the morning. As soon as the sun comes up though, it get squelching out.  Its the same type of work I described earlier, and as much as its almost therapeutic in its repetitiveness...I'll be ready to try something else on the vines or learn a new trade. I do love wines and vineyards but I don't see my exact role as the gardener in the fields.
 The vines at sunrise

Since we wake up way before dawn, we actually get off quite early- around lunch time- which leaves the rest of the day to wander and explore. Yesterday I happened upon a very very creepy pigeon hunting camp and later learned how the French in Bordeaux hunt pigeons, its worth it to look this up!
 Me, Sara, Nadja, and Andrea in front of the vines

Today we all hopped on bikes and rode through the narrow windy and HILLY roads of Bordeaux to a small local lake that was recommended. After evading an entrance fee and breaking in, we took a quick dip in some very refreshing yet slightly unnervingly discolored lake. There were tons of people there with their children and it was almost like a local lake back at home. Everyone kept slowing down and stared at us when they realized we weren't speaking French.
 Me, Nadja, Sara in front of the lake

On the way there and back we had to ride through a charming village called VilleFranche, at the top of a great big hill. It had this very charming medieval feel to it. Its really cool that there are so many small and seemingly random villages throughout the French countryside.

I'm quite exhausted, but I should shower up then head to dinner soon. I'm excited to get to rest and ready to start a new day at work. I get the weekend off too, so it should be nice to get a break from work.

I hope everyone is healthy and happy


Other Highlights
-Taking photographs of all the Organic French Vineyards of the Bordeaux area
-Learning that they use American root vines here and graft European vines
-A change of room much closer to the bathroom
-Long conversations on just about every topic to pass the time
- the end look of the vineyard after a hard day of work

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