Thursday, August 16, 2012

Off to the North!

I'm going up north, no no, not the awesome "Up North" in Michigan filled with beautiful lakes and lovely friends. Though, this one probably won't be half bad!

I'll miss the southwest countryside with its sunny days and starry nights. On a clear day you can see the Pyrenees rising out from the south like distant clouds or fog, but with jagged tops and faint ridges. I hear in only two and half hours, I could have been sitting on a restaurant terrace in Spain enjoying some Tapas!

But its my time to head to Brittany for a new adventure, new set of scenery and new people. My time here is up, and all of the dried up sunflowers keep reminding me.

What else I'll miss:
-Learning how to live off the land with food and homemade ointments
-Living with a family
-Teaching the kids how to have some imagination
-Long bike rides with no destination and no bad views

I'm in Brittany for about a week, then I slowly make my way back to Paris with a quick pit-stop on the outskirts of Paris for two days. Then I fly back to the states!!!

Not sure if I'll have internet until the night before I leave, so until we meet again....take care of yourselves :) Thanks for following me on this trip!


You're going to want to zoom in on this face!!!

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  1. But you will call your mother right? I enjoy reading about all your adventures...when you were little you used to say to me..."when I grow up I want to be an explorer"...well, here you have it! God bless you on the rest of your travels, be safe Lauren...Love, Mom XO