Monday, August 6, 2012

My French Bathroom Experience

For the past two weeks, I've been pooping in dry toilets.

What a way to start a post?! Actually, in general I am quite a fan of this more environmentally friendly behavior. I think its beyond ridiculous to flush our precious and limited drinking water down with our waste. That being said, composting toilets take some getting used to. For starters, you have to throw down some sawdust or dirt after every bathroom trip and its quite airy, depending on the style of the bathroom. But, why are we flushing solid waste into dumps in the USA when it should be used to recycle nutrients??!

In Ardeche, it was a very nice new outhouse, with a composting toilet that had a deep deep hole so you didn't even know its composting. Here in Gimont, its just a dry toilet. So you go to the bathroom in a bucket...the smell gets some taking used to! I'm getting used to it, but I think I would prefer more than just a flimsy curtain separating me and the rest of the family.

You must think I'm in some crazy remote, poor, or hippy areas...but really its just quite practical. We're in France, water is not just free and expected, its valued and respected.

My first full day in Gimont (just an hour west of Toulouse) has been beautiful. I fixed up a bike this afternoon and did a quick ride, I cannot wait to tell you what else I discover! I'm staying with a very nice bilingual family with two boys (9 and 13 years old) in an absolutely beautiful fixed up old manor. We're also surrounded by sunflower fields, so my lifelong dream of bike-riding with sunflower fields on either side of me has finally been fulfilled and I plan to do much more of it!

I'm here for two whole weeks, so I can settle before my next long travel day.

Also, I did the McDonald's test on my travel day. Everyone claims that McDonald's in France is better than America and some claim its organic: false and false. Yes, its very aesthetically pleasing, they replaced the color red with green (tricky eh!?), do use a lot of renewable energy, and have free wifi, but its still just Mikky D's. The fries wee subpar, the meat was only slightly more meat-like, and I didn't feel awesome after I ate it. So verdict, fast food ain't all that great, McDonald's is still my enemy.

My new best friend Nicko

Peace out!

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!

If it is yellow...let it mellow,
If it is brown, flush it down!

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  1. This is why we live in America. I experienced the French way many times but I like that we do things the way we do. (because we can mostly) Also, I value water tremendously. I try not to ever waste it. I have a rain barrel and I recycle my dehumidifier water. It smells better too!